We don’t need less evil, we Need more Good – We Shouldn’t fear evil but instead do what is right.

I am not the source
Of this void you feel within
The one compelling you
To entertain his sin

I don’t speak in judgment
… But from personal convictions
I’ve fought off his same daemons
I entertained the sickness

It was not my words
That fed your loneliness
Perhaps just perpetuated

What your heart sees a mess

You’ve made your choice I once did too
Said I would never leave
Then his daemons came upon me,

a butcher with a cleave

Drawing from my emotion
From the light I carry within
Only giving birth to tragedy
A game with no win

Manipulation is tricky
A cold and heartless game
My brutal honesty comes from love for you

Spare you from his shame

I’ve learned a thing or two since then
It happens often walking through fire
True love is not of taking
True love makes souls transpire

As the two become one
we tear the haughty down
two hearts fixed on one goal
where loves glory will abound

constantly in agreement
forever bound together
fight is not an argument
but an opportunity to grow further into each other

love does not tear down
but builds and re builds again
true love is told as fates red string
no battle to win

souls conjoined in matrimony
from the foundations of existence
two who belong together
perpetuate loving conditions

not just to each other
but to the world they’ve been enlisted
not to enable inadequacies
but to suture up the stitches

Empty apologies are what we have become. You chose to rant, I’m forced to run. Lullabies in a sullen voice. Fearful, yet I’ll keep my poise…