Spirisophical means a philosophical look at spirituality.

The intention of spirisophical.org is to create a type of publication encompassing many different spiritual ideas, from all different types of writers. We don’t expect our writers to be experienced in the craft of writing. We don’t even expect that everything shared here be pious or overtly spiritual. We require that the stories shared be authentic and intended for the greater good.

It’s been our experience that truth comes in any form the listener is willing to hear and understand. We are seekers of wisdom and deeper spiritual understanding. We do not subscribe to any particular faith. We’ve found spiritual connection through the study of many different faiths, sciences, art, history, psychology, philosophy and so on.

We don’t subscribe to the idea that in order for something to be spiritual it should feel, sounds or look “good”. Quite opposite actually, we accept and appreciate the duality of all experiences. We know that sometimes our darkest most uncomfortable experiences lead us to deeper understanding and personal freedom. We encourage self exploration and acceptance. Our goal is to cultivate a platform for open minded, authentic sharing.

Our most intimate connection to what is divine is through the exploration and acceptance of our authentic selves and the natural world.

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Many Blessings