You think you know me?

you have no idea

the picture you’ve painted it isn’t clear

jaded by fears from a haunted past

holding relevence other memories last

suppose i should have known from the very beginning…

when it comes to the heart there is no winning

highs and lows tension to release

always shadowed by what the past keeps

suppose it’s my fault timing all wrong

remembering to except there’s a portrait being drawn

when two lives intertwine always an exchange

neither know in the beginning what will remain

said i accepted you for all that are

being candid myself hasn’t gone well so far

i can accept this isn’t whats for you

i can respect that with bullshit you’re through

where my problem lies is even when given the truth

still so quick to just move on through

not normally one to dwell on these things

for some reason now can’t get rid of the sting

gave myself to you in a way you can’t see

too caught up holding hearts key