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Lessons from Labyrinth

Now, Sarah from The Labyrinth, Is one to learn from. ‘You Have No Power Over Me’… Lessons From Labyrinth…

1. When you act and speak in self-contentedness and immaturity, blaming the world for your problems, the Goblin King Will actually create problems for you.
2. Nothing is as it seems.
3. A friend is someone who you show unconditional love to. Love is gained by giving Love, not expecting.
4. The only way out is Through.
5. The walls of the Labyrinth may only be broken down when you realize that you, yourself hold the power.
6. Your true friends will help you to discover your own truths.
7. A man, even a kind is only able to control you so long as you give him power.
8. There will always be choices, just keep moving forward.
9. Passion and determination supersede direction.
10. Everything that you are is also creating who you will become. Awake, Strengthened, experienced.

Of course, non of this could have foreshadowed Jennifer Connoley’s poor life choices to come in Requiem for a Dream…

Higher Power

I identify with a higher power of synchronicity, which places me in unity with you and you …. and you. I Identify with a higher power of progression, which has the ability to move any circumstance forward regardless of my choice to struggle through the process or to not. I identify with a higher power of balance, which is not definitive within labels or extremes. I identify with a higher power of creation, which has the ability to create paths where I see stone walls. I identify with a higher power who is as persistently in love with my well being as with yours. I identify with a higher power of transformation, which is sponsoring constant growth and change.I identify with a higher power of infinite exponential capacity to expand my spiritual views enabling me to cope within this world. Most importantly I identify with a higher power, beyond my singular consciousness, which places power of choice, recovery and freedom within me.

I think things are about perspective…I had the thought today, that it is necessary for us to experience difficulties or hardships in life… if life is about moving on to the next thing and helping others do the same then each experience becomes just that. An experience that will enable us to do the next one. And help us to be compassionate towards another person feeling similarly.. I’ve experienced a lot of emotional trials… and I’ve had a hard time excepting things as they are happening… I just want them to change, so I feel better but i’m starting to appreciate the growth that actually happens from these things. And practice patience…

Loving The Little Mermaid clearly set me up for Unhealthy expectations and practices in the world. Watching it now with Tristan, I realize these are the lessons I learned and acted upon after idolizing Ariel.

1. It is the best idea to not only defy your father, but give your whole family a big fuck you, in search of ‘stuff’
2. ‘Stuff’ makes you feel better and gives you hope of a better life.
3. Apart of your world- Everything would be better if I just lived in a completely different world.
4. Fuck finns, I want legs so I can walk, stroll and ask how fire burns.
5. Sharks?! Ariel don’t care, neither do I.
6. When you ‘Love’ someone, the way to get their love reciprocated is to abandon your heritage and home to become like them.
7. Also in this quest to win a lovers ‘Love’ Give up whatever it takes to simply be in their presence.
8. A kiss means someone loves you.
9. If a man finds you half dressed on the shore, unable to speak, he will take you back to his yacht.
10. Even after all this, dad will forgive and turn anyone who has hurt or mislead you into deathly, stagnant, ocean sperm.

Ariel, you are a misguided, weak, spoiled girl… Drunk on a picture of Love resulting in codependency. I feel my faith in you was miss placed as a naive girl. Because you were one of the lucky ones….

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