It’s been proven that the human body is designed to regenerate it’s own skin every 7 days. as well as each cell in our skeletal system every 7 years.  With the skeletal system ultimately being our framework, I see this age of 28, being crucial.  My thoughts are abstract in this spectrum but the revelation is significant never- the- less. 

My world view is expanding.  Clarity has found me as I reflect upon the person I have been.  The mythological world I’ve reveled in only to transition through loss and rise through destruction.  Now i look forward.  Replacing rose-colored glasses with a clear lens.  I thirst for wisdom and purpose.  Bombarded endlessly with information, my mind runs free.  Even in dreams, either I run or I search.  Tears shed and fears exposed bring forth discernment.  I look forward to the future, digress from the past and shift my focus to Now.