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Perspectives with a 3 y/o

The ‘Joys’ of parenting and the gifts of Perspective….This week:

1. I learned that Cigarette ashes remover PERMANENT marker from a flat screen. And Rubbing Alcohol removes PERMANENT marker from everything else.

2. My three year old is more inclined to do anything I ask If I can manage to sound excited about it.. “Tristan if you take a nap now, Spider-man could Visit In your Dreams”

3. The best way to teach my child is to allow him to explore and test the waters himself. I provide safety and guidance.

4. Frogs may be invisible.

5. Watching Casper with my son is an effective method in reducing any new Ghost fears.

6. Go outside!! Explore, look for pictures in clouds, hug trees, walk barefoot.

7. Most importantly I learned that the key to my sanity is in surrendering my self willed desires and giving in to the spontaneity found within my 3 year old….

From a Single Mother

I gave my Life to You,
Gave a son to you,
Will never understand,
Why it’s this You Put me Through.

Four years Built from addiction,
Entertaining Individual Affliction,
When He Came into the world,
I had to be the One to remove him from our Horrid Decisions.

I made the changes, I became a Mother,
But it is you who claims to suffer,
While you continue the same path of insanity,
In your presence I crumble, without you We Prosper.

Spare me your rants about what’s been done to you,
Hold on to your words of what I’ve Put you Through,
I’ve done what any Instinctual person would,
When they put ego aside, Let self- will Undo.

This must happen as a Child Enters the World,
My life has become, watching His Unfurl,
I will not feel Guilt for protecting Him,
While you tear me down with each Lie you’ve hurled.

Through each lesson, I continually let you In,
In the hopes that your serious, That it’s Tristan who will Win,
You came into our house, disrespected, betrayed us again,
Showed us once more the stronghold of Your Sin.

Yet again I hold the Guilt,
As you transfer your own Shame,
Thank God he’s still to young,
To understand your Cold Heart’s Game.

Tristan and I will Prosper
Whether or not you chose to Join.
We’ve been blessed with strength and Survival.
For you, we won’t Morn.

I will Continue to Pray,
For you and your best.
If I were to ever see you,
It would be a spiritual test.

One I have clearly not conquered yet,
As my heart still hopes,
for my Son, The best.

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