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Allow the Space

In the stillness of silence we perceive
Through clutter and chaos we’ve become deceived

Taken from the roots of our primordial self
Forgotten our vital sustenance comes through spiritual health

Consumers we’ve become trying to fill a God sized hole
Forgetting it is only He who will heal our soul

Burn down your world holding empty desires
Selfish pride as your ego conspires

Available to you gifts of Love, wisdom and Grace
He will fill your void if you allow the space

Surrender your power to the one who can
Live life in unison with the One I Am

Through the Pain comes healing. To numb the suffering is to sacrifice the lesson.

Duality will always be present on this plane. Light to dark, Good to Evil – name it as you must. Understand that all which is essential to transformation is also unto understanding. We grow through our suffering;  truthfully suffering is a matter of perspective. If you had insight to the incredible bursts of light which flourish through your darkest times, would they still be credited to evil? Everything serves it’s purpose. The universe was created as such…

I believe we are in constant evolution of self. As though through each transition tiny pieces of us are dying, to make room for new. New ways of thinking, new behavior. We are the clay being molded. The Goal: Bringing us back to one – Letting go of ego – Relying on the source – Knowing God in a real, tangible way.
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